FLYERS No.37 Ford G.T. 40 box & FLYERS early series & IMPY Display Unit

 <Since 10th. Mar. 2002>

IMPY No.16M Mercedes Benz 220SE Police Car POLIZEI
IMPY & FLYERS No.20 Volkswagen Microbus Ambulance POLITIE

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Flyers & IMPY

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There are many variation !
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No.12 Imperial Silver Flyers & IMPY (Thank you , Douglas !!)

IMPY No.27 Ford TaunusMetallic Red color(Thank you , Douglas !!) &
FLYERS No.7 Firenza left side handle models (Thank you , Michelle !!!)

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< L I N K >

It is the web-site made by Mr.Geoff Ambridge who is the son of the co-founder of Die Casting Machine Tools Ltd.,(D.C.M.T.) Lone Star's parent company . You can learn many things about that company on there .
It is the web-site made by James who is my one of favorite friends . He has really great Lone Star collections , especially , Commercials , Trucks , New Impy , Zippy Zommer , ・・・e.t.c. . Please look ! !

The Lone Star Site!

Speciall Lone Star collections by 3 men , Keith Dunkey , Gary Hirst , Scott Moen . You can see many wonderful and rare models on there .
T-Bird UK Roost Site is dedicated to the Ford Thunderbird, 
specialising in DieCast Models of the car.
Lone Star T-Bird collections are here
Very detailed TUF-TOTS collection's web-site made by Bjorn Larsen (Sweden) . You can see how he likes TOF-TOTS models with visiting here . TOF-TOTS is smoll but really excellent models of Lone Star . I also like it very much !!
いつもミニカーと一緒 It is the web-site that introduces my son's and my another brands' model car collections . They are not so good condition but our important treasures . Sorry , it is written in Japanese .



1955 Ford Thunderbird (Blue or Red color one)

15 Volkswargen Microbus(blue color orange interior rough tire one)
16 Mercedes Benz Police Car (dark green color
with beige or orange or green interior one)
17 Mercedes Benz (metallic red color one)
22 RollsRoyce (metallic mauve color
with beige interior one)


17 Mercedes Benz (metallic violet color red interior
with lines one)
22 RollsRoyce(with line one)

and SILVER FLYERS models

603 Stingray Sports(with red figure one)

I have few more Lone Star Flyers &
(New)Commercial Trucks
(including ' Japanese national railways container ' Truck )
and ' SS set 1200 , 1600' ,
for my stock .
I can trade these models
with 'WANTED' models .
Please e-mail to me
if you have some of them .

Grace Kelly
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